Cocktail Table Rentals, Banquet Table Rentals & Coffee Table Rentals

Simple Cocktail Table

Simple Cocktail Table

Heart Shaped Coffee Table

Heart Shaped Coffee Table

Ghost Rectangle Coffee Table

Ghost Rectangle Coffee Table

Ghost Square Cocktail Table

Ghost Square Cocktail Table

Ghost Square Coffee Table

Ghost Square Coffee Table

Communal Table

Communal Table

Cocktail Banquet Table

Cocktail Banquet Table

8ft Crazy 8 Banquet Table

8ft Crazy 8 Coffee Table

8ft Crazy 8 Cocktail Table

v41 Cocktail Table with Square Top

V41 Cocktail Table Base

C Long Coffee Table

Vision Coffee Table

Bowtie Coffee Table

Double Arrow Banquet Table

Double Arrow Coffee Table

Double Arrow Cocktail Table

Teardrop Coffee Table

Teardrop Banquet Table

Teardrop Cocktail Table

O Banquet Table

Oreo Cocktail Table

4 Panel Concept Cocktail Table

Bowtie Cocktail Table

Bowtie Banquet Table

O Coffee Table

Ghost O Coffee Table

Braid Coffee Table

Braid Cocktail Table

8ft Braid Coffee Table

8ft Braid Banquet Table

8ft Braid Cocktail Table

Hex Table

Heart Coffee Table

Fancy Cocktail Table

Double Cube Coffee Table

Marshmallow Coffee Table

Wave Coffee Table

Heart-Shaped Banquet Table

Low Mod Coffee Table

Large Communal Table

Cafe Coffee Table with Legs

Flower Banquet Table

Open Rectangle Coffee Table

Need a Custom Table exclusively crafted for your event? Portadecor can provide just that. With our patented technology, we have developed a system that allows you to craft the perfect table. We have interchangeable pieces that can turn your Cocktail Table to a Coffee Table or your Banquette Table into a Bar. The amazing system allows us to be a competitively priced option and provide our customers with more unique furnishings. Who wants the same table and chair set up when you have LED colors or custom branding options displayed at your event? Let Portadecor make your next event special for you and your guests! Rent Event Tables Today!