Lounge Seating for Events

Sectional with Back Lounge Seating

Long Sofa with Back Lounge Seating

Sofa with Back Lounge Seating

Loveseat with Back Lounge Seating

Low Circular Lounge Seating

Loveseat with High Back Lounge Seating

Sofa with High Back Lounge Seating

C-Shaped Sectional Lounge Seating

C-Shaped Deep Sectional Lounge Seating

3 Part Sectional Lounge Seating with Back

Ribbon Vanity Lounge Seating

360 Lounge Seating with Billboard

Bacardi Lounge Seating

360 Lounge Seating

L-Shaped Lounge Seating

Double L-Shape Lounge Seating with Back

Wide W-Shaped Lounge Seating

Is your event space lacking in the right Lounge Furniture and Custom Seating? Are you looking for a custom design lounge that is built to your exact specifications and needs? We specialize in Custom Seating and Custom Lounge Furniture. With a full range of materials and uses. We are always being innovative and designing unique products that will really stand out. Do you want lounge seating with interchangeable colors, designs and customized branding options? What about Lounge furniture that is designed around unique architectural structures. Our furniture systems can be used to hide support beams or designed to create a divider between rooms. Customize your DJ Booth by using LED lights or work with us to create something the competition has never seen before. Do you need something more versatile? How about a Convertible DJ booth that also can serve as a bar? Or a Foldable DJ Front Board that can be printed with vinyl graphics? Let us work with you to design the perfect DJ Booth for you.