Light Up Dance Floors & Light Up Stages for Events

Decor Tower 2

Decor Tower 1

Concept 8

Dance Floor with Quad Staging

Catwalk with Backdrop

Live Band Stand

U-Shaped Catwalk

Product Display Platforms

Catwalk with Steps

LED Wall Divider

Looking to really stand out at your next event? Why not consider adding LED Dance Floors & Staging to your next event. Portadecor is the original innovator of LED Dancefloors & Staging. You can see our LED Staging all over the world being used as Concert Staging, Private Party LED Dancefloors, LED DJ Stage & More. Our LED Dancefloors and Staging can either be paired with wireless lighting or set for a permanent installation. Designed to hold weight, they can be danced on, stacked to create seating and you can even park a car on it. (We know! We’ve done it!) Our LED Dancefloors and Staging are built to be indoors or outdoors and will bring a wow factor to your next event.