Bar & Back Bar Rentals

O Bar

16ft Triple O Bar

16ft Double O Bar

16ft O Bar

1 Panel 1/4 Round Bar

4 Panel 1/4 Round Bar

2 Panel Bar

3 Panel Bar

6 Panel Bar

4 Panel Bar

Canopy Bar

Blade Bar

Curved Bar

Straight Bar

Double O Bar

8 Panel Bar

Pub Bar with Footrest

Back Bar Pro

Candy Cart

Large O Back Bar

Triple Box Back Bar

Egg Back Bar

Box Back Bar

Contour Back Bar

At Portadecor, we provide a variety of Bars & Back Bar Rentals with creative customization options. Looking for a Curved Bar, Straight Bar, Full Round Bar or a Custom Bar For Rent, we have it all. Each piece is available in different metal finishes and sizes. They are great portable options to fit whatever size space you may have. Our rentals come with shelving units for extra storage. Customized rentals mean we can construct a Unique Bar & Back Bar for you. A bar in the shape of a bottle or LED Multi-level Bar, we design it all. We can make sure your customers have a special place to hang out, grab a drink, and refresh! Interested in one of our bars, contact us today!