Bars & Back Bars for Events

O Bar

16ft Triple O Bar

16ft Double O Bar

16ft O Bar

1 Panel 1/4 Round Bar

4 Panel 1/4 Round Bar

2 Panel Bar

3 Panel Bar

6 Panel Bar

4 Panel Bar

Canopy Bar

Blade Bar

Curved Bar

Straight Bar

Double O Bar

8 Panel Bar

Pub Bar with Footrest

Back Bar Pro

Candy Cart

Large O Back Bar

Triple Box Back Bar

Egg Back Bar

Box Back Bar

Contour Back Bar

Bars & Back Bars are often the centerpiece of private and corporate events. Long gone are the days where Bars & Back Bars are out of sight at events. Now they are one of the most popular spots to hang out at and are often the main feature. Bars & Back Bars are often branded with custom graphics, or designed to fit the space and theme of events. We understand that every environment is distinct, and each client’s event is unique. We can create a sleek, custom Bars & Back Bars personalized to your needs. Our Bars & Back Bars are a great way to tie in the theme and add to the atmosphere of the event. We not only execute Bars & Back Bars that are customized and attractive in design but efficient for the maximum number of guest capacity and minimal staffing necessary.