Smartdeco Event Products

Smartdeco is the future of event products. Our unique system is now available for rent in the Tri-State area and for purchase worldwide. Become part of the revolution today!

Design and build anything in minutes with Smartdeco!

Smartdeco™ was brilliantly designed and engineered with event planners in mind. Only five simple metal profiles are used to create millions of designs that can be transformed in minutes. You can easily change the height, width, shape and style of any Smartdeco product by simply adding or removing a few profiles. Choose from a huge selection of colored panels, metallic edge banding and so much more. Our products are easily brandable & can be reused over and over again to create new designs. Don’t let your products go out of style, change them up!

Everything you see is built with just 5 profiles!

Smartdeco™, is the future of decor. It will completely change the way event planners think, design and execute events. Smartdeco allows you to create both trend setting and timeless event decor. Smartdeco’s revolutionary design is interchangeable, space saving and like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

LED Light Up Bar With Seating
Light Up LED Bar
Flower Banquet Table

Save storage space with Smartdeco

All of our Smartdeco products easily break down into small pieces that can be stored in bins. Typically our products break down to a fraction of their built size! This allows you to not only store more inventory in your current space but it also makes setting up for events much easier too! Our products can be transformed to custom shapes and heights within minutes which allows you to be creative on the fly.

Come up with new designs every season and your products will never go out of style

Bars, Back Bars, Tables, Lounge Seating, Staging, Dance Floors, Centerpieces, Decor Walls, Photo Booths, Room Dividers, Ottomans, Display Cases, Kiosks, Product Displays, Backdrops, DJ Booths,
Food Displays, Cabanas, Runways, LED Walls & More!

Custom LED Tables

Browse our selection of LED coffee tables, LED cocktail tables & LED banquet tables or create your own style. Easily transform the height of any product in seconds! A coffee table can become a cocktail table with just a few add-on profiles.

Bowtie Cocktail Table
Light Up LED Bar

Custom LED Bars

Whether you need 6ft bar or a 40ft bar, Smartdeco’s LED Bars and LED Back Bars are perfect for you! Create your own custom LED Bar designs or choose from our existing designs. You could build a different style bar for each event using just 5 profiles!

Custom DJ Booths

Looking to take your DJ Booths to the next level? With Smartdeco we can custom design and build anything you need. Whether you are looking for a funky boombox style booth or something clean and classy, we can develop products for every taste!

DJ Booth
Tufted Leather Bench

Custom Lounge Seating

With Smartdeco seating solutions you are in full control of your lounge designs. Whether you need seating for 10 people or 200 people our system allows you to custom design seating for each scenario. Easily turn a 6ft bench into a 16ft bench just by adding more profiles.

FLoors & Stages

In 2008 we innovated the industry with our exclusive LED dance floor products. They have since become the international standard and hottest trend in event decor. Over the years our products have been re-developed and are still the leading choice for LED Dance Floors & LED Stages worldwide!

Light Up LED Dance Floors
Wave Decor Wall

Other products

Need something a little outside the box? We develop everything from room dividers to cabanas to custom event structures. Browse our existing gallery of hundreds of products or let us design something custom for you. If you dont see something just ask, we can build it!

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