Royal Caribbean 3D Foam Sculpt Prop


Royal Caribbean’s Entertainment Division reached out to Portadecor to create a concept for an Oversized Western Themed Prop for their country night. We thought because they had a very large stage we should create a Giant Cowboy hat and boots to drape down as a centerpiece. It had to be durable and portable enough to remove daily, light enough to carry and very realistic looking to create a POP for their western performances. 

Portadecor decided to use handmade foam sculpting to create the two large boots and an oversized cowboy hat from scratch using pink insulation Foam. The props were hand carved, the plastered, sanded, faux painted and The small details were the most satisfying part of this project all the way down to copper rivets on the boots. Royal Caribbean was happy and we were able to work on multiple projects together since then.