Infinity Booth X Portadecor

Infinity Photo Booth

The Challenge

One of our event planner clients asked for an original photo booth concept that would be fun for the guests at their events, as well as versatile for the different types of events that they host. They informed us of the importance of making sure the booth was portable so they were able to easily bring it to and from different venues without the hassle of a complicated and timely transportation process.

The Solution

Introducing the Infinity Booth! Our partner company GameFab created a flawless and effortlessly transportable photo booth design using our Smartdeco product line. They placed mirrored panels all throughout the inside of the booth, showcasing an infinity illusion in the photos. With the use of our custom paneling, they were able to place logos on the outside panels of the booth as well as create extra panels with different labeling that would be more suitable for the many different events of our client’s. The sleek and innovative design of the photo booth can be broken down in minutes and the captured moments in the booth are priceless.

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