Bacardi X Portadecor


The Task

Lessings Catering at the Heritage Club in Bethpage was hosting one of their weekly Wednesday events this past summer and one of the nights was a Havana themed night. They asked us to come up with a unique Bacardi “rum room” with seating areas for guests. They wanted to be able to highlight the brand logo, as well as offer a sleek yet socially appealing setting for the attendees.

The Solution

Introducing the Bacardi Lounge by Portadecor. We created a custom seating area which included a new design concept that perfectly highlighted the Bacardi logo. Using the Smartdeco product line, we provided couches, high boy tables, a bar and additional seating. To further include elements of the Bacardi brand within the area, we used LED lighting in the fixtures that matched the iconic blue of the Bacardi logo. Ultimately, the area was chic, inviting and beautiful representation of the Bacardi brand.

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